An Italian brand, Scirocco is widely known throughout Europe for their designer-style hydronic towel warmers and bathroom radiators. Keep your towels and bathroom space warm without sacrificing the modern-themed style of your bathroom.

Believing in one's abilities, in one's persuasions, turning sensations into beautiful products that are also functional and managing to bring a company to life. These are all special features of Scirocco, a remarkably enterprising company that asserts its skills through its extensive range of towel-heaters and radiators offered. Products are designed and built to become an integral part of the rooms where they are installed. Brushed stainless steel, hardened glass, chrome-plated brass and cast iron skilfully mixed and used to give life to unique products of impressive design and available in a wide array of finishes and colours.

Three collections in which the whole production range of the company are embedded: DESIGN COLLECTION, in which design products are role leaders, solutions that exceed mere heating requirements to become true furnishing elements. RADIATORS where the main function is that of heating the room but still focusing on a modern and refined design. TOWEL-HEATING elements devised to give character to our bathrooms, combining the need to generate heat with that of heating towels.

A world of shapes, colours and sensations that Scirocco has cunningly created for the market.