Angle Valve, Remer SA100

Angle Valve Remer SA100

Looking to complete your sink purchase? Start with this set including two angle valves (Remer 128L) and two bendable copper pipes (Remer 114M10). These angle stops are available in polished chrome finish and the copper pipes come in a chrome finish. Mount the angle valves to the way and screw the copper pipe onto the angle valves for easy installation. These pieces are perfect for your modern or contemporary sink and bathroom setting.


  • 3/8" valve
  • Angle valves with lever and copper pipes
  • Comes with two angle valves (Remer 128L) with levers and two bendable copper pipes (Remer 114M10)
  • Contemporary/modern design
  • Made in Italy by Remer
  • Tech Specs

    Weight: 3 lbs
    Angle Valve: Width: 3" Height: 3"
    Bathroom Hose: Width: 0" Height: 14" Depth: 0"