Bathroom Accessory Set, Gedy GL6081-00

Bathroom Accessory Set Gedy GL6081-00

A designer accessories set for your designer-quality master bath. Available in transparent and made in thermoplastic resin, this very high quality bath accessories set is manufactured in in Italy by Gedy and is part of the Gedy Glady collection. Consider this round free-standing accessories set.


  • Gedy free-standing bath accessories set.
  • From the Glady collection.
  • Designer-Quality & high-quality, made in thermoplastic resin and coated with transparent.
  • Manufactured in Italy.
  • Tech Specs

    Weight: 5 lbs
    Soap Dish: Width: 5" Height: 2" Depth: 3"
    Soap Dispenser: Height: 7"
    Toothbrush Holder: Height: 4"
    Waste Basket: Width: 8" Height: 10" Depth: 8"
    Make-up Tray: Width: 7" Height: 3" Depth: 4"