Exposed Pipe Shower, Remer LR09US

Exposed Pipe Shower Remer LR09US

Remer's most versatile shower column to date includes a tub filler, handheld shower and shower head The rail column offers a sliding shower bracket that can be easily adjusted to the height of your desire. Temperature can be adjusted from the Italian made bathtub mixer with the glossy white handlebars located on ether side of the tub spout. The handheld shower comes with a flexible hose and the shower head, made of solid brass, is a classic styled rain head. The column itself is also made of brass and is offered in a polished chrome finish.


  • Sliding shower rail column
  • Bathtub mixer
  • Wall mount tub filler
  • Made of Brass
  • Adjustable shower bracket with handheld showerhead
  • Glossy white handlebars
  • Chrome finish-Three-way diverter-Flexible shower hose
  • Classic shower head
  • Tech Specs