Exposed Pipe Shower, Remer LR37US

Exposed Pipe Shower Remer LR37US

This shower mixer with shower column and handheld shower is a favorite for shower only bathroom set-ups. Included along with the classic rain style shower head is a shower bracket used for vertical adjustment of the handheld shower. A flexible, brass shower hose is connected to the handheld shower and extends at a comfortable length from the shower mixer. Mounted on ether side of the shower mixer are two glossy white handlebars that enhance the vintage look of this wall mount shower column set. Remer designed and crafted this piece in Italy through their Retro Series.


  • Wall mount shower column
  • Shower mixer with sliding rail
  • Made of brass
  • Adjustable shower bracket
  • Handheld showerhead
  • Classic showerhead
  • Two-way diverter
  • Chrome finish
  • Glossy white handlebars
  • Flexible shower hose
  • Tech Specs