Soap Dispenser, Gedy GL80

Soap Dispenser Gedy GL80

Stylish countertop or vanity soap dispenser in contemporary style. Soap dispenser container is made out of thermoplastic resins. Available with a transparent, avocado green, orange, fuchsia, lilac, or turquoise finish. Pump dispenser is made out of thermoplastic resins with a polished chrome finish. Made in Italy by Gedy.


  • Stylish contemporary soap dispenser
  • Made out of thermoplastic resins
  • Available in 6 different finishes
  • Thermoplastic resin hand pump
  • From the Gedy Glady Collection
  • Tech Specs

    Height: 7 inches
    Diameter: 3 inches
    Diameter: 3
    Soap Dispenser Height: 7 Inches


    Transparent $22
    Avocado Green $22
    Orange $22
    Pink $22
    Lilac $22
    Turquoise $22
    White $28
    Black $28