Soap Dispenser, Gedy RA82

Soap Dispenser Gedy RA82

Gedy has added a newly designed soap dispenser to their already popular Rainbow collection. This dispenser is a free standing dispenser made from thermoplastic resins and cromall and is available in 9 different finishes. The chrome pump has a sleek curvature, giving way to a new modern look. It is perfect for the contemporary bathroom.


  • Rainbow soap dispenser
  • Manufactured by Italian designer Gedy
  • Available in 9 vibrant finishes
  • Free standing soap dispenser
  • Body made from thermoplastic resins with a cromall pump
  • Tech Specs

    Weight: 1 lbs
    Soap Dispenser Width: 3 Inches
    Soap Dispenser Depth: 3 Inches
    Soap Dispenser Height: 6 Inches


    White $71
    Lilac $71
    Pink $71
    Silver $71
    Orange $71
    Black $71
    Red $71
    Blue $71
    Green $71