Toilet Brush, Gedy EU33-03

Toilet Brush Gedy EU33-03

Designed and built in Italy by Gedy, this decorator toilet bowl brush set is great for contemporary & modern bathrooms. Available in beige and made in the highest quality marble and steel, this toilet brush & holder is part of the Gedy Claudia collection.


  • Toilet brush & holder from the Gedy Claudia collection
  • Made in marble and steel and finished with beige
  • Decorator contemporary & modern toilet brush and holder for your decorator master bathroom
  • Designed and built in Italy.
  • DISCLAIMER: Product is made of naturally occurring marble. The marble often includes multiple veins that give each dispenser a unique pattern that can not be replicated on any other piece.
  • Tech Specs

    Width: 3 inches
    Height: 19 inches
    Depth: 3 inches
    Weight: 2 lbs