Toilet Paper Holder, Gedy 2724-03-13

Toilet Paper Holder Gedy 2724-03-13

This toilet paper holder is a veritcal holder with room to hold a spare roll. It is a wall mounted product made from high quality, long lasting cromall and comes in a shiny chrome finish. This holder was made in Italy by Gedy and is part of the Ascot collection.


  • Toilet paper holder and spare roll holder
  • Made from cromall
  • Comes in chrome finish
  • Wall mounted holder
  • Made in Italy by Gedy
  • Tech Specs

    Depth: 3 inches
    Weight: 1 lbs
    Toilet Paper Holder Depth: 3 Inches
    Toilet Paper Holder Width: 4 Inches
    Toilet Paper Holder Height: 15 Inches