Toothbrush Holder, Gedy LI10-13

Toothbrush Holder Gedy LI10-13

Made in cromall, steel and frosted glass and coated with polished chrome. This wall mounted round toothbrush holder/tumbler (part of the Gedy Lira collection) will fit perfectly into your contemporary bathroom. Made in and imported from Italy by Gedy.


  • Designer toothbrush holder, made in cromall and frosted glass.
  • Toothbrush holder/Tumbler coated with polished chrome
  • Made in and imported from Italy by Gedy
  • Part of the Gedy Lira collection.
  • Tech Specs

    Width: 6 inches
    Height: 4 inches
    Depth: 5 inches
    Weight: 1 lbs
    Download Technical Specifications